Tent Longevity?

For a quality tent (REI, MSR, etc) that is stored in a climate controlled environment and carefully used 2-3 times a year, how long should the tent last as long as you don’t do anything stupid to it like break a pole, burn a hole in it, etc?

The reason I ask is after 3-5 years, I’m seeing the interior sealant on my rainfly flaking. I know I can re-waterproof the exterior, but I don’t want to discover on some rainy, windy night is that it is no longer waterproof.

If they’re dried after use and put away, I’ve had tents last over 10 years. Who makes that tent? I would reach out to the manufacturer on that problem, it might be covered under warranty.

I’ve got a couple of basic nylon dome tents that are around 40 years old and still work great (gave one to my son and he’s using it now).