Tent camping with babies?

has anyone been tent camping with young kids? We have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Any tips?

Yes, we do it all the time. They’re so tired from running around outside all day that they zonk out immediately. Our 5 year old sleeps in his own solo tent now!

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We have!! Usually with teeny ones, we forego sleeping bags altogether and make a few layers of blankets on the bottom and one or two on the top, and basically make it like co-sleeping but in a tent. And EVERY one of our babies (3 now) has slept MUCH better in tents than in the house!!

We’ve been camping with the girls since the oldest was 6 months old. Our biggest life saver was getting a screen tent that they could play in and stay contained and cool so I could prep meals or so they could nap without being overheated if the sun was on the tent.

we started camping when my oldest was 5. We camped while i was pregnant and as each baby was born, we camped. I think the key was to not have too many expectations of what can be done in a day outdoors with an infant as well as having enough safe space for playtime and naps.

My first learned to crawl when camping. There was suddenly really interesting things to see and wiggling over the hard ground was uncomfortable so he crawled.

I have 4 kids–mostly grown. I personally probably wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of the camping experience with babies and/or toddlers, but I know many do. We didn’t take our kids camping until the youngest was around 5. Something to consider–nobody loves your kids like you do lol. Like if your kid is having a meltdown at 9 or 10 at night, the whole campground can hear it. Make no mistake… a toddler’s screams carry a long, long way. Our last camping trip there was a family with several really young children–preschool/toddlers. Wow. There was so much screaming. In a situation like that, I’d say camping doesn’t agree with them, and try again in a year or two. They just sounded miserable at times, and as a semi empty nester–I’ll admit it was a little annoying. I can’t help it. It’s like…been there done that and don’t want to go back. I’ve paid my dues. :wink: Another tent camping trip we took there was another large family, and one of the kids was sick with a terrible cough. That poor child coughed ALL NIGHT LONG–temps in the 50’s. I felt so bad for the child, but I also couldn’t sleep! I’m just surprised that the parents weren’t phased by either circumstance, but the other campers most definitely WERE. Happy playing child noises–even when they are loud–don’t bother me at all. But when you have a tantrum/screamer, think twice about camping. For your sake and your camper neighbors. Of course if you’re camping in the wilderness with no one around, none of this matters!

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