Tales From the Tacoma Truck Tent

Here goes my first attempt at writing on a forum, blog, or social media post for that matter…please be kind :crazy_face:
I have spent the majority of my childhood going from one camp site to another on family trips. At the time, I never appreciated the experiences. Now as an adult, a single dad, and working in a corporate setting, I find my days in the Boardroom, with wandering thoughts about the next fire, hike, fish, or bear encounter. Yeah, I think I’ve become a bit addicted.
My intention is to start to document my travels, so that other people can gain a better understanding of the camp sites, environment, sounds, and amazing people encountered along the way.
This will be my 7th adventure since the start of COVID in this crazy year we call 2020. I know I’m a little late, but I hope the next chain of adventures will become more of a regular entry.
Heading to Morris Hill Campground in the Washington National Forrest in Hot Springs, VA tomorrow morning. I have my 17 year old companion, Brady, who joins me on all these adventures. He is a Hurricane Katrina refugee, mixed hound, that I saved in 2005 from a shelter.
My gear consists of a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with a Rightline Gear 5’ truck bed tent, and an AirBedz Air Mattress with tailgate extension. Been on the 6 previous trips with this set up, and even in sever rain, thunder, and lightning, it has held up beyond expected.
I’ll touch back in on Wednesday when I end chapter 7 and give you the details about the grounds, view, and overall experience.
Please offer any feedback and ask questions. I need all the practice I can get.


Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures :slight_smile: Many people write reviews of the campgrounds they visit on The Dyrt to keep a journal of all their adventures, just an idea !

Hello Mike.
I am a Titan truck camping Newbie looking forward to a jailbreak soon after #2 Pfyzer. To prep, I invested in a Napier Sportz and adjoining Sportz Link ground tent. My immediate priorities are sleeping comfort and safety as a solo senior female. In my view, all other issues can be addressed in time.
My first two short local stays are planned as “shakedown” trips and just a few miles from home in N. GA. After that, I expect to doe something more adventurous.
Do you have any advice or recommendations based upon your experience?

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Hi Debra!

First off…CONGRATS on being adventurous.
I have fallen in love with the truck camping life. Having the ability to not be limited or confined to campsites makes this experience the most rewarding for me.
A couple of must haves for truck camping:

  1. An air mattress or some type of removable platform in the bed of the truck.
  2. Bear proof cooler and something that holds ice 5-7 days.
  3. Backup power source and truck battery jumper.
    Let me know how the Napier system works for you. It has great reviews.

I am a big fan of truck tents camping.