Sun umbrella for hiking?

So I’m already a big sun hat person, if I can find a wide brimmed hat that fits my large head I am likely to buy it. I also wear upf clothing as much as possible when I know I’ll be outside for extended periods of time.

I started doing more research into parasols/sun umbrellas and figure that this is probably the next step in my quest to protect my skin and be cool, especially because I love hiking in prairies.

My research hasn’t really brought me anything that meets my requirements, mostly I am just finding debates about whether or not parasols look weird and recommendations to just search on Amazon (which I avoid shopping there when I can).

So here is what I’m hoping to find
-under $100 (so either good quality and/or comes with a good warranty)
-somewhat longer handle so that my gripping hand can be low without the umbrella tines hitting my head (I’m 5’3 so I need something between a compact and big & tall)
-either dark or upf rated
-comfortable handle to grip for long periods of time
-the style doesn’t matter too much, but neutral is preferable

I never thought about an umbrella for camping because I usually wear a brimmed hat (even outside at home). Don’t know why it would be weird as there are clip on umbrellas for camp chairs. I’m thinking about one of these myself. If it works for you great, if you find a good one you love, definitely share.

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Try Cooley bar. Great products with reflective coating s


This topic reminds me of the little umbrellas you would put on an Osprey (or comparable brand) hiking backpack for kids. It clips into the hiking pack to protect the kid. I wonder if you could do something like that so you wouldn’t have to hold it. That would be my biggest annoyance with a hiking umbrella.

I feel you on this thing. My skin is more sensitive as I get older and I’m covering as much as I can (but its also hot and humid come summer, so it’s a balance). Good luck on your search!


I just saw this when I was looking for “trekking umbrellas.”