State Park fees

We remember when Michigan created the license plate registration fee for state parks and the big debate over opt-in vs. opt-out, and that was for just $11 (now it’s $12).

Many state parks are facing tough maintenance and improvement backlogs due to lack of funding. How does your state handle funding for state parks and does it work?
The Colorado Sun: Coloradans will now automatically be charged $29 for a state parks pass when they register their cars.

In Texas, the license plate fee has been $30 for a while now. I have one on my truck and thinking of getting one for the camper. I enjoy the State Parks so I don’t mind the fee. I also have the Texas State Parks Pass. It saves me on the daily entrance fees, discounts in the shops and I get 1/2 off my second night of camping.

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Yep, we have the Texas State Parks Pass. It can actually end up being a good deal. We’re actually in Texas now enjoying the spring weather, although it’s pretty dry in the Fredericksburg area!