Share Your Camping Must-Have List

Besides the tent, what are the things you can’t leave behind when camping?

Cook stove
Coffee pot
Shower tent or make one with shower curtains/ hooks
Solar lights/ inside outside of tent
Rubber maker
Phone/iPad/map/apps like Dyrt/free roam/plan ahead for route
Pen/notebook to write your adventures
Towels/wash clothes
TP/paper towels
Plenty of gas
Have fun!!

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What Susie says :point_up_2:. I would also bring water purification system. Nothing like picking up a few parasites like Giardia or Cryptosporidium to ruin a perfectly good camping trip.

Here is a beginner’s camping checklist: Camping for Beginners Checklist - Gear & Tips to Survive

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A good book, preferably hardcopy if you have no electricity, in case it rains every day. Bug spray!!

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A good woman, 3 dogs, warm sleeping bags, good chairs
And some really good food.

The extra things that I take with me on camping should take up a minimum of space. I take a compass, a walkie-talkie, a raincoat, earplugs, a self-heater, thermal underwear and a solar-powered flashlight. I also usually indulge myself by getting some snacks with me and downloading a few movies from, so that I have something to watch before sleep. And yes, do not forget to take a water purifier with you (it is very compact), otherwise you will suddenly get lost, run out of water and have to collect water from a river or lake.

For those who’s camping in summer season, a solar camping fan would be the icing on the cake.

Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cookware, food, water, clothing, map, headlamp, first aid kit, multi-tool, firestarter, backpack, rain gear, sun protection, camping chairs, personal items, entertainment, trash bags, bug repellent, tarp or ground cloth, camping permit/reservation.