Setting up an RV campground?

We have a great location for an RV park and we’re considering making the investment. We’re right by a river that people love to visit, and we have all the amenities nearby that people would need. We’re wondering if anyone else owns an RV park and what their experiences have been. Are the economics good? We’re thinking about adding a small country store on the property as well, with essential snacks and drinks, and possibly renting out canoe and kayaks. Any insight or advice would be appreciated!

I’m in the same industry, but I’m just a small business owner. Congratulations on your decision to open an RV Park! You are right on track with your idea to add a country store and rent equipment, I think those are both excellent ideas. Owning an RV campground is quite good, you can make a lot of money out of it, however it is important to advertise and promote your campsite. Before you open your doors for business though, you need to be sure that you’re covered for everything that might come along. RV campground insurance is a very important aspect that should not be overlooked. As you are aware, you are in a very unique business where there is a lot of risk involved. The number of liability claims that you experience will directly affect the amount of your RV insurance. Availability of resources is another factor you should consider. Aside from the land, the money you have to invest on the park’s infrastructure will vary depending on the amount of amenities you can provide to your camping guests. Through the years, you will have to invest in maintenance and repairs for the park. It is important to run your business as a real business, instead of as an extension of your home.

That’s so true, Daniel. Thank you for the good information. The link up above is specific to Canada.

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