Seeking PRIMITIVE access to springs/river/water

I am looking for a good site somewhere “out in the middle of nowhere -> away from people” near water, hopefully springs to disappear for the weekend.

All suggestions are welcome, THANK YOU in advance!

Check out They have some primitive tent camping - but it will be tough to find private and water at the same time… especially during peek camping season. Another option is Flat Island Preserve - yo can paddle out and camp on island. You will need to haul your vessel a ways to get to the water though

Are you staying in Florida? Theres plenty of places if you want to head west.

Starkey Wilderness preserve has 3 hike in primitive sites that are very far from people - no water though.

Shell Key is a nice paddle and you can camp overnight there. 2 miles by kayak. Same with Johnson Key chickee in the Everglades.

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The most primitive campground I have discovered in the northern half of Florida is Matanzas State Park. I have never been to a campground where I felt so eerily alone and so far removed from civilization … yet, it’s only about a 15 minute drive from I95.
Check out my review here: Review of Matanzas State Forest | The Dyrt

I suggest a boat trip. Canoe, sailboat, powerboat, kayak. You will be on the water with no one around.

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