Secluded camping in Georgia

Hi, I would appreciate some help. We want to go RV camping in April or May somewhere in Georgia and I would like to get some suggestion about campgrounds. We have kids and they would prefer to hang around the campsite most of the time. So on top of our wish list is a secluded, generous and wooded campsite with lots of space around it and close to hiking trails and with no street noise. It could be anywhere in GA, SC or even North Florida. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Nicole! We used the website HipCamp through the summer. It allowed us to control our space better than state and national parks. You can choose what type of camping (RV vs camping) and see how many sites are at each locale. We loved it because we could easy filter for dogs being allowed. We camped on the GA/NC border in July, SC in December, and North Florida over the New Year.

Thank you very much Lizzie. That’s exactly what I was looking for!