RV mattress question. can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

total beginner here. Curious if RVs have enough space for a regular queen mattress or if you need to buy a mattress specifcally for an RV

If you’re only looking to ‘enhance’ the mattress you already have in your RV - we decided to buy a really thick cooling foam mattress topper versus replacing it. Our RV had a “RV King” so we bought a traditional king and used an electric knife to cut it down to size - it worked really well for us. It was extremely comfortable and the cooling effect was nice in the summer. They do sell RV sized mattresses aftermarket though (all over the place), if you need to purchase a brand new one. There are folks that have retrofit’d a traditional mattress size into the space. There are so many instructional type posts on that out there - I’d bet you could find some guidance just by googling what you’d like to do. Hope this helps!

My Sandpiper 5th wheel has a regular size Queen mattress it in.

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It depends. Most recent RVs are conforming to regular mattress sizes, but there are the odd manufacturers who do the RV size only. We replaced the mattress in ours with a mattress from Mattress Insiders (I have a referral code, should you want it) that had the firmness we like, along with memory foam. They can also do the custom RV sizes.

We currently have a regular queen size mattress in our RV. I wish we had a floor plan with a king size mattress - that was the hardest part for us when transitioning to living full-time in our RV. We had a king sized bed, and went to queen sized. Elbows were flying. :smiley:


We have the standard queen in ours but we put a 4in memory foam on top. What a difference.

Short answer, yes.

Longer answer:
Just make sure it’s not a “short queen”. Our first trailer had one of those. You can find them though. We bought a Zinus short queen off of amazon and loved it.

Definitely do a memory foam topper! It’s the best bang for your buck!

If you have a “short queen” in your RV (measure to see), they do sell short queens. In some instances it is more expensive or harder to find. We are buying a box mattress so we can easily get the squished mattress in and then let it expand in place.

I’m actually bidding on a queen that is too long right now and we will just take an electric knife to it to cut down to size.

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress, Short Queen
More information: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00JRHI05Y/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_J-41EbRD8TZ9V

We have a standard size queen in our 5th wheel. The problem we found with a regular residential mattress is the weight when trying to lift the platform to access the storage underneath.

We kept the RV mattress and just added a foam topper and in the winter, an old style Coleman flannel lined sleeping bag underneath the foam topper.

I’m not sure but we put memory foam on our RV mattress. It’s a great cheap fix

We have that issue, but my plan is to replace the struts with stronger ones.

We don’t have struts on our platform, just a piano hinge and a broomstick to hold it up. Until we get around to actually putting in heavy duty struts, we have to keep the mattress as light as possible.

We are putting up a solar panel to keep the battery charged and after that we may move onto the struts.

We do have a residential size mattress, which is at least a small bonus. :slight_smile:

We just bought a camper and after our 1st weekend, we decided to upgrade the mattresses. Our Gray Wolf has short queens. I found 2 for a great price at Dream Foam bedding. I will say that I’ve had some difficulty reaching customer service due to only one bed arriving when there should be 2. So I will withold my final verdict on this company until my situation is resolved.

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Back from Vacation and I have to give it to Chuck at Dream Foam Bedding for helping us. I got his info from a post at the BBB as I was researching the company. He really kept me posted and arranged for the rest of my order to get to my house basically on time. It was delayed in Dallas for a day, but it got here. The beds are AMAZING!!!

I only prefer to use an air mattress, because we can easily carry it and it doesn’t take too much space. I bought my one from couponcodify by using nest bedding coupons, you can easily find the varieties of traveling mattress if you are not interested in an air mattress.

I use Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress. It’s a dream. I feel like I’m sleeping on a hotel bed every night. I sleep alone and tend to sleep in the middle-ish and there’s zero sign of any sagging or dent. Mind you, I have a cooling thin pillow top on it because summers are super hot here/I sleep hot, but nearly all the credit goes to the mattress. I’ve recommended it to several friends and will keep recommending!

I am totally happy about the mattress I just scored at mattress Firm. Alls I wanted was a light narrow ( twin) . I have just a Truck Camper, and can’t have weight on the overhang. I got a very firm mattress. just 4 inches, but firm. I slept great last night. 99 bucks is in my budget. This mattress is so lightweight I cannot believe it. I’m embarrassed to say. Light but strong and very firm. Probably 5 lbs. Easy to take out and air it out.

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We currently have a regular-sized queen-size mattress in our motorhome. I wish we had a floor plan with a queen-size mattress - that was the most challenging part for us in transitioning to whole life in our motorhome. We had a king-size bed and went for a queen-size bed. Another option, we kept the RV mattress and just added a foam topper and, in the winter, an old Coleman sleeping bag with flannel lining under the foam topper. But it doesn’t compare to the crushed velvet sleigh bed we have at home.

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