RV Camping in Yellowstone Park and Area

we plan to make our first RV camp trip to Yellowstone, does anyone have recommendations for which campgrounds to try to get reservations at ? We are planning to spend approx. 4 days in the area prior to moving on to Glacier. Thank you.

Do you need hookups? When we visited a few years ago, we stayed at Canyon Campground, which is rustic. But the location allows you to be somewhat centered, so we struck out in a different direction each day. This is important because traveling through or across Yellowstone can take a while. And with only 4 days, you’ll already be hard-pressed to see it all. -Ari

We found it challenging to get reservations in the park so make sure you do so as soon as they are available. If you cannot get inside the park, we camped at Henrys Lake in Idaho, about 30 minutes west. It was a very nice campground and easy enough access to the park. We were there before timed entries were required (not sure if Yellowstone is now doing this) but my recommendation is to set out as early as possible each day before the crowds. Have fun!

What type of camping rig do you have? How big? Do you need/want hookups? Like everyone said, reservations in the park are hard to come by, and first come first serve are really tough. There are some nice commercial campgrounds in West Yellowstone and Gardiner that aren’t too inconvenient if you plan your daily loops reasonably. Also, about six to eight miles outside the NE entrance, there are some fantastic Forrest Service campgrounds that are very reasonable, but be prepared to dry camp. BTW, when are you planning on going? May is a good month, if the roads are open (from snow), or late September; October is good, but most campgrounds have closed for the season. It’s well worth the visit, and four days is just about right (we visit Yellowstone at least once a year, but we’re less than 500 miles away).

I recommend Canyon as well - location makes a huge impact on getting around. As stated in a previous comment, tough to do in 4 days, but can be done. If you are towing a vehicle, that is good news for parking in key locations in the park. If not, it can be a nightmare to find parking availability for RV’s in popular attractions. There is an online guide with a 4 day itinerary for getting to key spots in 4 days (photography directed, but works for just viewing as well)- Link to guide- https://www.dirtinmyshoes.com/yellowstone-national-park/

I visited Yellowstone last year. We entered on the west side. 13 miles east of the entrance we found a nice little spot to dry camp. It didn’t cost us anything and was only about a 20 minute drive the most to the entrance of the park. So look around you can find dry camping spots not far from the entrances. We went in May just before school got out. It was some traffic but not a lot the only problem is people pulling over where they’re not supposed to to look at the buffalo which made the traffic back up. Some idiots just cannot read signs or the rules do not apply to them . Enjoy your stay!

Rent a small car near the park, use it each day for touring in the park. Maybe a U-Haul pickup ($25/day!). Leave the big rig as a base camp on its jacks at wherever you set it up.
When we took the kids there in an SUV, we spent 2 weeks there tent camping, day trips, hiking etc. every day, but didn’t get to see all of it.