Rules of RV Campfire 🚌

:bus: Anything and everything about RVs. No matter what class or size, you’ll find some likeminded folks to chat about RVs - just take a seat around the RV Campfire and enjoy!

Laws of the Campfire:

[1] Don’t be mean; we’ll ban you outright. Hate speech or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Campfires are a place for warmth and community.

[2] Write clearly so everyone around the fire can understand and join in. We might ask you to edit a post if it is hard to understand.

[3] No memes or re-sharing of viral posts. This group is about shared experiences, asking questions, and appreciating camping. A good rule of thumb to follow is to only post content you’ve created yourself.

[4] Don’t spam the group. Use your discretion of what spam is; if a post feels like spam, it probably is. We might have to pull that log off the fire.

Hello from Quebec I am a newbie my name is Jeremy and I live and work a good part of the year out of my 30’ 2005 Land Yacht. Snow is all around here now and I want to head down to New Mexico and Arizona. I have been trying out different trip planners but I have to find one which filters out all closed and out of season RV. I plan to enter the US at Detroit. I wonder how far south must I drive to find an open RV park with full hookup I can stay in for a couple of nights between December 14th and 18th. Can you offer me some advice as this is my first time snowbirding! Advice please?