Replace a tent zipper?

I have a Kelty Ridgeway 3-man tent. Received as a gift several years ago so I don’t know how expensive it was. The door zipper is shot making the tent useless unless I can repair it. Has anyone ever installed a new door zipper? Was it successful and approximate cost? My tent also has two broken poles but replacing those is pretty simple. I’m just not sure the zipper is worth the cost of repairing. Thanks in advance.

Kelty claims to have a lifetime warranty on their products, but their website says you need proof of purchase. If it’s defective you might ask them if they’d repair it for you, even if it was a gift.

I had an REI 6 person Hobitat tent that had the large front door zipper break. I went to REI to see if they would repair the zipper or replace the tent. They looked up the purchase and it was 5 years old. That was past any warranty work. I got an estimate on repairing the zipper and it was going to be about $2.00 an inch. Way too much to repair.

I owned a Kelty that was years old with a broken pole. They definitely stand behind their products. They went above and beyond replacing it and making sure we were taken care of. Definitely reach out to the company.

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