Question on electic capacity from battery

Hello, new here, have a 29 foot 2011 Gulfstream Kingsport that will be wintering in. I have not checked the batteries yet as I just moved in and will be setting up solar. The heat works but fridge and wall sockets do not, is this because the battery is low?

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Wall sockets require 120 volts so will only work if the trailer is plugged in to shore power or a generator. Refrigerator depends on the toe. It may run on propane or 120 volts (most likely can be run on either) but may require 12 volts (battery) to operate on propane.

Thanks so much for replying, am having a solar system put in, was freaking because the fridge and micro were not working, assuming just not enough power til system is set

Also, batteries do not like being overly discharged so it is a good idea to disconnect them til you are able to get your charging system going. Draining them too far can do permanent damage.

Power to all 110VAC outlets also depends on if you have an “INVERTER” that uses 12VDC from your battery’s and converts it to 110VAC for your usage. All this should be explained in your owners manual. If you have your coach plunged into shore power, ether 110VAC or more this should power all your items using 110VAC. In addition this shore power should also charge your 12VDC battery’s at the same time.