Pull of a Pilgrimage

Not even a newbie, yet.

I am at a point in my life where I am feeling the pull of a pilgrimage. Anywhere, everywhere. I’ll know it when I find it, I hope. Not to get into it too much but everyone died, closest friends and family, cancers, tumors, strokes, heart attacks, etc., in a most horrifying coincidence. I find myself a lone wolf at 57, and feeling that I stayed in one place too long, feeling the need to, as Kerouac put it, “Go.” Sometimes I feel I was spared because I’m supposed to do this. I certainly need to step out of where I am at, for a while.

I have a Honda CRV with only 1,500 pounds towing and 150 pounds tongue weight and I am looking at the possibility of a Little Guy My Pod to pull with it, for a start. I live in the Chicago area and I have a backpack and camping gear now and I am–Thanks to the Chicago Outerbelt–in hiking distance to Camp Sullivan and Camp Bullfrog. I’m going to get into better shape hiking there and practicing with camping tools and skills. If I burn my dinner or ruin anything else, I’ll just walk home, I guess, :slight_smile:

So, in the not so future, I will be working downtown in Chicago’s loop, in one of the many office buildings, Monday through Friday, and, then, Friday evening or early Saturday morning, walking out of my place and to the Chicago Outerbelt to Camp Sullivan to sleep in the dirt for an evening or two and then back to the 9 to 5 grind. But I already feel that’s not going to be enough. It’s just part of an apprenticeship.

My first post. I promise it will be my longest. I would appreciate any advice you can give me on Little Guy My Pods, alternatives, reading materials, web sites, YouTube posts or prayers.

Looking at the Little Guy trailer web site, the lightest is 1,800+ dry weight and 200+ tongue weight. Way too heavy for your CRV even when empty. Upgrading your tow vehicle would give you many more options. If that’s not in the card right now, you need to look for a sub-1,000lb trailer.

I have my eye on a My Pod. Dealers have them, 800 plus pounds, 110 tongue weight. I’d consider alternatives.

Didn’t see that one on the LittleGuy site. It will be doable if you keep your weight down. Remember, stuff in your tow vehicle reduce your towing capacity. Basically, anything other than a 150 lb driver is part of your 1,500 lb capacity. Camping gear, clothes, bedding, personal items, food and water add up quickly. You’ll just have to be very frugal.

A diet might help, too :smiley:

I have a RAV4 that easily accomodates my dog and I. Bed, ICECO fridge, small desk, cooler with dry foods, Luno fans, 500 watts of extra power from two Jackery units, solar panel, roof rack when I need it, awning and so on. Works really well. Your Honda can do the same.

Not sure I’d want to do that to my one car, but I’m very interested in having some sort of mini=fridge in the back for camping and grocery shopping.

I should clarify that my car returns to its normal configuration after the camping trip.

When you have it set up again, if you could show me a pic of the interior I’d be grateful.