Possible to camp right now?

Hey there. I was looking to get away and camp for a couple of days this weekend, but every camp site website I go to is either closed or no reservations allowed. I also looked to the “First-Come-First-Serve” in an attempt to just show up some place and hopefully find somewhere where I can stay, but I don’t want to get visited by a ranger and told to move on. Does any have any info or any recent camping experience for a So-Cal resident. I’m attempting to stay near Sequoia/Kings or Inyo. Thanks guys! :smiley:

We’re camping at Lake Cachuma (Santa Yanez, CA) as I type this. Not a lot of people and the poppies are in bloom.

We camped at Potwisha Campground in Kings Canyon in early November and it was really nice. The snow arrived the day after we left.

Many places we’ve looked at require reservations due to COVID. National Forests seem to be the exception but that may vary by campground.