Pet sitting services?

So: I’m thinking of starting a pet sitting service catering to local campgrounds. Seems like it could be popular. Suggestions?

well depending on where you are this could be very useful to campers. We have used such services this trip when we did not want to leave the 60 lb dog in car or trailer when we stopped in Hot Springs AR and when we could not leave her unattended at Carlsbad Caverns. As more NP trails become un-dog friendly campers who are day hiking need a place for their dogs. At Big Bend we did not hike together because we were not supposed to leave pets unattended in car or camper and they were not permitted on trails. We certainly heard dogs barking that were locked up in campers when people left for the day.

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Thanks Joe. Do you remember what you paid, and if it felt like a good value?

At Carlsbad we payed a flat 10 but all they did was put her in a vet office crate for the about 2 hr we were gone. One day was left there 6 hours that day. At Hot Spring we payed 8/hour I think and they had a nice yard for her to stay in. They also interacted with her and were very much a dog person.