Permanent RV Spot

Does anyone have a permanent spot for camping with their RV? We are looking at leasing a permanent spot that would allow us to have a base station for jumping to other campgrounds. The spot is on the border and close to three states so we could stay there the each weekend and occasionally take our tents out to campgrounds in the other states.

No, but we are looking for a permanent “base station” spot for ourselves and our RV. We have been looking at lots/land, and researching whether these lots have power to the property, water, and other amenities.

I live in Alaska at Gwins Lodge, Cooper Landing, but bought an RV to live in when down in the lower 48. It is currently stored but I hope to build a shelter for it on a farm and use that as a base. You can camp there or unhook and drive where you like. Storage for a large 40’ RV and a Honda Civic is $240/month. So with that cost given, I can build a metal building canopy and run power in. Security is an issue. Internet with cameras would be advised.