Overlanding in Costa Rica

My wife and l and some friends are heading to Costa Rica for two weeks of overlanding around the country in a few months. If you’ve been before, what’s some of your favorite “can’t miss” things to do and camp spots? We plan to spend some time in the jungles, mountains, and near the volcanos, but also planning a large portion of the trip along the west coast.

Note: Seeing that the forum does not have an International area that I could find, I thought I’d plop the discussion here in general. If there is a more appropriate area just let me know.

Did exactly your plan a few years ago and will never visit Costa Rico again. Insane traffic conduct, insanely horrid roads with three foot deep holes everywhere was the main take away. Criminality is common with all banks, car lots, stores having armed guards, 20 foot high fences with bandoleer wire, guard towers with machine guns poking out. Giant surprise! Had my wallet lifted by a grocery store clerk in uniform for one of the funnier events; took police a day and one half to stop by. Every place we made reservations was a total lie upon our visit, 30 year old pictures of the venues for one. Go to Jamaica is my advice. Best of luck!