Olympic national park and forest recommendations

I’ve only ever been to Third Beach, but there’s so much to explore. Where do i need to go? down for car camping or backpacking.

Hoh Rainforest is a MUST!! Check out the Hoh Oxbow campground right on the river for a great primitive camp location within driving distance where you will have a little space to enjoy without the more crowded campground of the Rainforest itself… FREE Camping just need your Access Pass… I LOVEEEED this place!! Also don’t forget Forks is along this stretch and LaPush is just out from that!!

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I try to put my favorite spots into parts of the park (There’s bascially 3 parks in ONP).


*The Ozette Triangle (Ozette -> Cape Alava -> Sand Point and back to Ozette)
*Second Beach (It’s crowded but for good reason)
*Salt Creek State Park (close to Port Angeles and great car camping spot!)


*Hoh (the main campground is always packed but walk 3 miles up the Hoh River Trail to Mt. Tom Creek for no crowds!)
*Queets (what the Hoh would be without the crowds)
*South Fork Hoh River (truly the secret gem of rainforest backpacking)


*Seven Lakes Basin (Camp at Sol-Duc and day hike up or do a 2-day backpacking loop!)
*Quinault River (go see the Enchanted Valley chalet before the river takes it away.)
*Staircase (I grew up going here every weekend, the east side of the park is far less travelled but equally as beautiful!)


I agree with many of Zach’s suggestions (esp. Salt Creek County Park and Second Beach) but have a few to add since Olympic NP is so diverse! We had a great hike up to Hurricane Ridge last June. The wildflowers were gorgeous and there was still some snow at the top of the ridge. The hike to Marymere Falls was also nice. Also, walking on Rialto Beach was rocky but the reward was Hole in the Wall and the many starfish and other sea life. Don’t think it is part of the NP but Cape Flattery (the northwestern most point of the US - our cell phones welcomed us to Canada!) is also worth a visit.

I regret posting this question cause i want to go RIGHT NOW :frowning: haha

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One fun stop is to hike the Spruce Railroad Trail at Lake Crescent! Oh, and the hot springs pool at Sol Duc is a fun stop.

Hurricane Ridge is amazing, I only wish there was a place to camp up there but Heart of the Hills at the base of the road is still worth it to spend a night at. I’ve never stayed at Mora by Rialto Beach but I’ve heard really great things and Hobuck Beach Resort out by Cape Flattery is my go-to surf spot! (See my review of it here:

Hobuck Beach Resort Review

I personally loved camping in the Willoughby campground at lake quinalt. It is on the south shore rd, for a beautiful off the beaten path experience take the North Shore Rd. Around Lake Quinalt. It is a slow bumpy dirt road, but some of the mostf amazing views. I saw a bear and other wildlife. The road wasn’t busy, even in August.

going to spend the last few week in August In the Olympics and will be referring to this thread consistently :)))

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