North Dakota State Parks

Planning a trip to Teddy Roosevelt NP in August 2023. Holy cow there’s quite a bit to discover in ND. I’m looking at Sully Creek SP, Lake Sakakawea SP, & Grahams Island SP. Has anybody visited these? They look nice.

@Bob_M I’m sure you know this already but the north and south units of Teddy Roosevelt NP are not connected; both are worth visiting so allow enough time to explore both. Also in North Dakota, I recommend the Enchanted Highway - a series of large metal sculptures. You could easily spend a half day or more driving and visiting these sculptures. If you like ghost towns and/or abandoned buildings, check out Arena. Not too much left there and it is in the middle of nowhere but some great photo opportunities. Have a fun trip!

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve been exploring and I’m planning on camping near the north unit for at least 2 days, and move on to Sully Creek SP for at least 3 nights. I did see the Enchanted Hwy, looks pretty cool…did you happen to explore the Killdeer Byway?

@Bob_M I’m always amazed that even with the extensive travel we have done all over the US, we still find previously unexplored areas so no, we haven’t been on the Killdeer Byway so there is something else to add to the list!

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