Nighttime Camping Activities

We are officially in the time of year where, by the time I’ve got my tent set up, the sun has set and there’s not much exploring to be done. What are your favorite nighttime activities to enjoy camping after dark?

Stargazing if the area is dark enough. Also keeping an eye out for satellites or the ISS is fun. We use a Solo Stove for our campfire so it’s nearly smokeless and super simple to keep a fire going, which means less work. We sometimes just sit around that at night and read (the new Kindles have a Dark mode for reading at night, which is super handy.)


Campfire & stargazing are the best.


If we get forced inside due to weather, Yahtzee, Uno, & Bananagrams pass the time real well.

Or many times I’ll pull out my atlas & try to find more camping spots.


We have lanterns that have a dull light and we string solar panel lights above the picnic table and play cards. And obviously stargaze and hang out around a campfire. Some places they have moonlit full moon hikes which is really spectacular when a docent leads it.

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Usually a game of a 37 year old roll up backpackers backgammon…that always is brought along.

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We play chess, Hubby’s game. Or I have a small light for my chair and I read a book. If there are more to people to play, I like Mexican dominos. I don’t leave home without my watercolors or embroidery or such. The campfire is always nice and some music not load stuff but something soft just load enough for my chair. Usually take dog for a ‘before bed’ walk and then sleep. There may or may not be some wine involved with any of these 0r maybe some cocktails… Hubby likes to watch a movie in the van if it’s to cold for outside stuff. But I would always pick a book over movies.