New crime spree

There is a fairly new craze going around this area that I thought you all should be aware of.
Our daughter is attending the University of Arkansas as a freshman this year. She took our 2003 Honda Pilot and parked it in one of the outer parking lots. She went to use it last week and it made a terrific noise. We ascertained that the exhaust was broken and I had her take it to a repair shop yesterday to get a quote. It came back with a $2900 quote because someone had actually stolen the whole system from the header pipes back and had ripped out the oxygen sensor.
Apparently after talking to several people, this is the popular crime at the moment because they are after the metals in the catalytic converters.
It also seems that SUVs are a popular target because the exhaust is more accessible that a normal car.
We even heard of one being taken from a Walmart parking lot!
So if you see anyone in a parking lot under a SUV or a van. Maybe take a second look at what they are doing. You may save someone a big bunch of money.

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It’s happening in Southern California as well.

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I’ve heard of several people in Oregon and Washington who have had the catalytic converters stolen from their Prius (what’s the plural of Prius - Prii?)