Near crater lake camping

I’m from California. Would love to go to Crater Lake, but what want to make the most out of the trip. What is some other can’t miss destinations closeby?

If you are driving up consider checking out the Forest Service land outside of the park for staying if you can camp without needing amenities. There is a wonderful location just a few moments from the entrance that I LOVED… I am including the link for you to check out… great location!! FREE!!!

Hi! I just returned from the area. We went to Lava Beds National Monument. Very cool. It is also in California’s Modoc National Forest and there is more first come first serve camping than reserved. No campfires in dispersed camping so you will need to stay in a campground but there are some very intimate campgrounds in the area. If you want to head to the coast Prairie Creek Redwoods has Fern Canyon (from Jurassic Park). Cheers!