Navigating help

Hello, I’m new to The Dyrt, and have a question. I’m planning a trip through Nevada. The route that I want to take from Tonapah on US 6 then go down ST route 376 to Ceder City, UT but the suggested route keeps sending me back up to Ely and then back down to UT, St 15. So my question is how can I change The Dyrt suggested route? Thanks.

I’m not familiar with The Dyrt routing app. Most routing apps, like Good Sam or even Google Maps allow you to “drag & drop” a route. Perhaps try that?

Good day!! Glad to help! The planner is great for helping plan your adventures, but it’s not a navigation tool. There are a few ways to help you get to where you need on the route you want. If you just need a map visual, plan a “waypoint” along the route you want to go so that the planner will direct you that way. If you are just looking for navigation, you can use the “Export to Google” option and once you get to Google, you can drag your route the way you like. If you have specific questions, please reach to support at and we are happy to help.
Safe and happy adventures!