Mount Elbert Tips

Planning to hike Mt. Elbert next month…anybody have experience with this 14er, any advice to pass along? I made the trip up Grays four years ago, and have been dreaming about this ever since…a little worried about that extra couple hundred feet, but I’m hoping familiarity with the realities of high altitude will get me through it! Thanks in advance!

Please take this for what it is. I hiked Elbert about 10 years ago, so it’s possible much has changed. The trail was in superb condition and it was a very easy - although long - hike. I remember lots of dogs on the trail as well. Definitely not technical, but start EARLY so you can get up and down before 1pm if possible. Good luck and have fun!

I’m also looking at Elbert but not able to get away until mid to late August. Hoping it’s not too cold or snowy.

Did you end up making it this year?
This is a really great hike with some steep, rocky switchbacks for the last 500’-1000’ vertical. Totally worth it, but yes, get up early as the weather likes to set in the early afternoon.
Some pictures here: