Moto Camping experience

The cold winter and the long rainy days are over. I have stayed at home for too long, and my body is more and more eager to go camping, so I plan to go camping on a motorcycle, packed my luggage, and ready to go.


The weather is nice and not too cold. The scenery on the road is also very beautiful. I can see the lake next to road. My mood is getting better and better. I feel that camping today is really the right choice.

After arriving at the destination, set up the tables, chairs and canopy, and then you can sit down and enjoy the leisurely camping time.


Sitting on a chair, drinking coffee and basking in the sun, it is really comfortable. Since it is a motorcycle camping, I will be more casual about eating, so I will not show pictures.


All the camping products in this vedio you can purchase in Benerock.

If you are interested, you can go to the link below to watch the video.

MOTO Camping Vedioļ¼š