Montana part of yellowstone

I just learned that yellowstone national park bleeds a little over the border into Montana. What’s the best stuff to see on the Montana side?

I know this question was from awhile ago, but thought I would respond for others that might be interested in hearing about what all is in MT and/or ID within YNP.

The West, North & North East gate entrances are in MT. Within a few miles of all these entrances you are in WY. Most of what is in MT & ID is back country and in very limited area size as you can see on the included map. I’d say probably 98% of the park is within WY boundaries.

Highway 191 between West Yellowstone and Big Sky cuts through the Montana section of the park for 20 miles. The Gallatin River starts out as a stream and eventually becomes wide enough for fly fishing. There are several trail heads for hiking. Nearby outfitters use some of them for trail rides

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