Mobile Wifi Hotspots in Yellowstone/Glacier


I am making a trip out West this summer to Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks. I would like to work on the road from park to park and potentially while I camp as well.

We are looking at Alpine North and Gros Venture Campgrounds in Yellowstone.

I know that there isn’t phone service in most of Yellowstone (except west Yellowstone), but after looking at AT&T and Verizon’s coverage maps, I believe that both of these providers have LTE & some 5G access out there.

Has anyone attempted to “work from home” or work in the car near these areas? Also open to any recommendations or tips you have for going to these parks! We booked airbnbs that are close to the park, so we are very excited.

Thank you!

I have worked in the parking lot of Old Faithful; but as the area gets more crowded the Verizon LTE starts to degrade because there aren’t enough towers to support the usage. I imagine it’s a bit like that anywhere in the park where crowds gather; I guess everyone is getting their social media updates in! I don’t recall if Mammoth Hot Springs is better; I was truly on vacation when I stayed there, so I didn’t check my phone much. There’s a lot more infrastructure up there. AT&T I’ve heard is better generally around there.

My strategy would be to get to a spot early, like 7am, and maybe work until 11am at the latest. Then take a long break to enjoy the park for several hours and wrap up anything I needed to do in the evening. I have been known to answer emails on the river from my phone though :wink:

We were on the other side of the park, closer to Cody. We were in the midst of doing a refi on our house and had to do quite a bit of work on the road. We had to drive to Buffalo Bill State Park to get a strong enough signal. It worked alright. We had 4 bars of 4G Verizon by the lake.