Looking to get a camping rug for next season

the wife and I are going to stay at one campground for all of winter. What’s a good camping rug that’s durable and easy to wash. Thanks!

We bought ours at lowes. It’s made of woven plastic. These rugs are great. They are light, dry fast, easy to shake off or sweep, and can be sprayed off when dirty. You can buy a variety of sizes at many stores. Lowe’s, Walmart, big lots, Amazon. Five and below stores have small versions of these rugs.

I recommend going to eTrailer and ordering one. They have a great variety of durable woven plastic mats https://www.etrailer.com/search/rv+outdoor+mat

If you want to see one, go to Curtis Trailers and check out the display. There are several different sizes to choose from.

We bought 2 in different sizes from Amazon. One for under the awning and one for the detached screen room. We’ve been very happy with both. We’ve had them on rough gravel, grass, and sloppy mud. They seem to hold up very well and are easy to wash when they get muddy. Otherwise, I just sweep them with a broom before storing.

Wow,! Just ordered one of these rugs. great information! Thanks

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this is a great thread - I JUST moved into a van and already feel like I need a rug haha

We use, from dicks sporting goods, 2’x2’ interlocking perforated foam squares. A 10x10 floor when stacked for storage, it only 5"high by 2’x2’. They are great for dirt or gravel floors, nice to walk on bear footed. You can sweep the dirt into the holes as well as any rain that might get in. You can hose them off as well. We have been using the same ones for 5 years and we camp at least a week a month Sept - May here in Florida.

I bought Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat. I absolutely love this carpet. I purchased it for my deck. Can’t wait to put it on deck tomorrow after my new deck roof is installed. This will be perfect. Even though it’s straw material it is so soft under your feet and it looks like real carpet. I’m going to purchase another one for my paver patio. I highly recommend. Excellent bargain.

I recently was inspired to get a plastic outdoor rug from this video by Fate Unbound.

Stylish camping RV home mat. I liked this product because it is made out of lightweight and durable polypropylene material. Aside from the durability of the material, it is also effortless to clean. You just need to dust it now and then or point a garden hose at it when it gets dirty.