Living in my car

Hi everyone, I decided that I’ll be living out of my car temporarily by choice in about a month when my lease ends. I started purchasing things that I think I’ll need but still am clueless if I’m being completely honest. I bought an rtic 65 gallon hard cooler and know I’ll probably need some type of bed and maybe a camp stove. Is there a checklist that I need? I’m loaded with questions if someone would be willing to walk me through this. I intend to live in my car for about 3 months. Thanks!

First of all, are you staying south without freezing weather? That puts an entirely different spin on things. A pop up tent that attaches to your car makes life easier, especially if parked in one location for several days, ie, BLM land. Be very careful with gas heaters or stoves in enclosed spaces as carbon monoxide is a killer. You must have fresh air when in operation. Purchase a reliable stove for cooking, lightweight but warm bedding, totes or other organizational storage because you don’t want to live out of garbage bags. It isn’t good for the psyche or smell. I would suggest a medium pot, metal plate, bowl and cup, and medium frypan, plastic wash tub, 2.5 gal water container, eating utensils and a personal hygiene kit with a hand mirror. A couple wet/dry bags for laundry. A small shovel. Wet wipes.
Finally, find a resource to find good places to park and also to bathe. Truck stops offer showers.
Be advised, you must practise good hygiene and wash your bedding, open the windows and let air circulate or your car will stink. You will stink. A car is a tiny space that collects odors quickly.