Leaving dog at campsite

I searched the forum however didn’t find anything that matched my question. We will be taking our 50lbs mix breed “mutt” Murphy with us when we go to different campgrounds. Murphy loves to be outside and he’s not quite a year old yet. He’s crate trained and is not allowed to roam free of the house when we’re not home. Mostly because I have two small children and he will chew up the toys.
We have a large dog cage that he sleeps in with a water supply connected to it. I was wondering if while at campgrounds I could leave my dog in the cage, with water while the family

My experience is that it’s highly frowned upon to leave a dog crated outside when you are not there.

We take our dog everywhere we can and plan our trips and locations to include him. The only time we leave him alone is if we have 30/50 amp hook up and can leave an A/C on.

If you want to leave your dog crated inside your RV, that will not attract negative attention. If your dog is likely to bark while crated inside, rethink taking the dog with you.


Most campgrounds state you have to be with your dog, who is on a leash, at all times when outside. Pets are not allowed to be unattended. Inside is a different story, just keep him from barking.

Having worked at numerous campgrounds, I can safely say that it is not recommend that you leave your dog at the campground. Dogs want to be with their families. Many owners think their dog is just sleeping while they are gone, but that is not the case for many dogs who are left in an unfamiliar location for a few hours. We’ve had dogs who barked for 4-5 straight hours, dogs who growled and “chased” people while leashed to a line strung between trees, dogs who were so stressed out that they broke their leash and ran away, and dogs who got into fights with other dogs. I’ve also seen dogs left in the full sun in a crate on a very hot day. The owners put the crate in the shade when they left, but by the time they returned, the dog was panting in the sun. The owners were well meaning, but as someone who loves animals dearly, please keep your dog safe and with you at all times.

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Yeah, don’t plan on it but you can ask a camp host. We’ve seen all the above situations and simply plan on your pet being like a 2 year old child. You wouldn’t leave them while you went hiking unless there is a babysitter.

It’s not really fair to either the dog or other campers to leave the dog behind unattended. I travel with a cat so barking or noise isn’t a problem but I never leave him unless it is cool or I have AC. I have seen dogs left that bark constantly and one that ripped the screen out of the window of the trailer.

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Take your dog with you. We travel with three.