LBL in early April

Long time lurker, first time poster…
I’m planning a 4-5 day trip to LBL in early April. My primary goals are getting away and fishing, the wife is likely coming so I’ll need to entertain her with something to go see or do.

I’ve found a few things to see at LBL but looking for anything off the area; local attractions, good food etc.

Any solid tips for fishing are welcome as well. She loves my blackened crappie.

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I’ve traveled extensively around the US but for the life of me, cannot figure out what/where LBL is so cannot offer you suggestions:-)

Land Between the Lakes, western Kentucky.
Apologies for the acronym.

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@Jabo I don’t know if you are a golfer, but the course at Paris Landing State Park is real nice, just a bit over the border in Tennessee. We’ve camped in the LBL region a few times, it’s a great place to just relax and take in the scenery. I really can’t help you with restaurants, we tend to just cook over the campfire or Dutch Oven it.

Bob, thanks for the feedback. Although many friends do, I never acquired a lust for chasing a round ball through a cow pasture. But I appreciate the tip, nonetheless. My itinerary is two-fold; fish and relax. That being said, I want to make sure the wife is thought of as well and we love trying new restaurants. Patti’s 1880s comes highly recommended.

“A golf course is a damned waste of a fine rifle range.”
-Lt. Col Dave Grossman

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Actually @Jabo I do remember a bell hop style burger joint down there, begins with a “B,” and the food was great. Might be Bober’s? It was real yummy.

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I’ll be sure to search for it.

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We have stopped at LBL several times in our travels.
Several good camping spots inside the park. We usually stay at Hillman Ferry.
Patties 1880 Settlement in Grand Rivers is an interesting place for good food and some shopping. They were closed for a major remodel the last time we were there. Hopefully they have reopened.
If you are a history buff, there is also Fort Donelson in Dover TN. Civil War battlefield, at the south end of LBL.
Homeplace 1850 is a working farm from that period inside the park. I think I read that it is being phased out. And I don’t know what activities would be there in April.
Have a great trip

Good stuff. We do enjoy history. Made an impromptu stop at Shiloh a few years ago that made our trip so much better. Patti’s was recommended by a friend for their pork chop. The picture on Patti’s website sets high expectations indeed.

That’s one area we haven’t yet explored so we look forward to it someday!