Is foam board insulation good for vanlife?

do y’all use foam board insulation or something else like Thinsulate. Excited to see everyone’s thoughts

We did Reflectix on the van’s walls and roof, then spray glued blue foam board insulation sections to that, and covered that with the stock ceiling and wall panels. It was pretty easy to work with. We spend most of our time in Idaho and Wyoming where it can get pretty chilly, haven’t needed an additional heater yet, although on colder nights we do layer up. The dog is fine too.

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I used thinsulate SM600… first I covered as much as I could with sound deadener then I glued my thinsulate on top of that… crammed ever space I could as full as possible with loose batt polyester fill… 1/4" plywood for walls and glued on 1/8" foam and then material for my finish…
Reflectix needs an air gap for it to work and you don’t want it touching exterior metal or ribs because it will transfer the cold (many don’t seem to understand this) !
Foam board doesn’t bend easily nor can you stuff it in hard to reach areas, denim absorbs water…thinsulate is very easy to work with and doesn’t absorb water, havelock wool would be good too, and then there is spray in foam… insulation will also make your vehicle cooler in the Summer, do it right the first time because it’s not easy to change and it will affect you every moment you are in your vehicle…

3M Thinsulate for the walls and ceiling and 3/4" polyiso on the floor.