Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat - Our Setup

I thought I would make a post about our inflatable boat that we use while camping to get on the water and explore the area. About half of the campgrounds we frequent are on a lake or river and we wanted a way to get out on the water to explore. The inflatable boat we have is the Intex Excursion 5. The best thing about it is portability. We can transport it with all the accessories (trolling motor with mount, canopy, batteries, etc.) in our camper, unload and set everything up when we get to our campsite, and be ready to cruise the lake or river where we’re camping. My wife, 2 kids, and I fit in the boat no problem. If you have any questions about our setup let me know.

This is a video covering all the parts and pieces of the modifications we’ve done to ours to make it more capable and comfortable:


that’s beautiful - the canopy really is the cherry on top

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Thanks! There are other manufactured canopies/bimini tops that people use, but our homemade one was super cheap and gives us more shade than just about any others I’ve seen. We’ve had it out in 10 - 15 mph winds and it’s held up great also.

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I stopped surfing because of my health problems. But since I’ve been involved in this sport all my life, I couldn’t refuse myself the opportunity to enjoy the sport. I’m not used to giving up, so I found a more relaxed alternative to surfing in the form of paddling on an inflatable sup. I quickly learned how to handle the oars. My friends supported me in this. We began to organize competitive group swims on rowing boats. And you know, I’ve never felt such strong support and team spirit. Once again, I am convinced that everything in life does not happen in vain.

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Hey! I’d like to get one of these ( ) inflatable boats, but i know nothing about it. Is anybody have an excperiance in it? I’d appreciate if someone help me

We have the Intex Excursion 5, which isn’t the most durable of the boats you linked, but it is the biggest and will hold the highest number of people comfortably. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of those 5.

I bought it very recently. I only went out on the water once to check it out. I was bought as a watercraft to take the family out without extreme (two adults and two children) for one weekend, which can be served by one person (man) without the help of this very family. There is a more effective and reliable device for more severe water walks, but you will suffer without help with the catamaran. Unreasonable purchase, I would be better off renting a yacht. My friend advised me to look at yacht rentals in miami, but I did not listen to him; I told him I bought an inflatable boat, it would be better.

Hi Dustin Iove your video we just got the excursion 5 took it out 2xs and loved it can you tell how you mand the floor

Hi Dustin,
We have the same Excursion 5. Do you happen to have a pets list for the cover you built?

Which motor are you using please?