Informal poll: do you bring your phone backpacking

i always bring my phone with me. i use it to play music if i feel like it, take quick photos, and also keep track of my location (if service is available).

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:100: YES!!! Rarely have service, but that’s my camera!

Always - most of the time I leave in airplane mode - but it is a must have in case of an emergency.

I always bring it. I use it for photos and for music. Sometimes for the occasional game of sudoku. I rarely have service so it doesn’t do much as an emergency device.

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I usually bring it, but many places have no reception. As a photographer, I carry a dedicated camera; navigation is Garmin, compass & map. Sometimes the pack is heavy :wink:

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Always, its my camera, music and if needed emergency call (if reception) and maps. I always have a hard copy and downloadable map, but the active with GPS comes in handy when there is enough signal.

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Agree completely about the sense of security! Also for pictures, and lighter than bringing trail map books :slight_smile:

Guilty! Mainly for pictures and video as I’m a photographer, but we also use it for trail navigation, nature nerd apps (birds, plants, night sky), and checking the weather if we have service. We have a Renogy 30W portable solar panel and 24K powerbank to recharge it when we go on longer trips and have killed the battery by taking a ton of photos and video. Totally worth the extra couple of pounds between the two of us.

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I use mine as a camera. It weights lighter than my camera. I have been know to leave it if I really needed to disconnect.

Yes! I usually put it on airplane mode to save battery life and keep the outside world from joining.

It’s a small and great camera, notepad, flashlight, watch, GPS, map, and even stereo on rare occasions.

I ALWAYS have it on airplane mode. Just kills the battery otherwise.

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That solar layout is awesome, can you drop a link to it. I have a little box that hooks onto my bag, but I love the fold out panels.

Yeah, we love it! We use them all the time…

Here’s a link to the panel pictured: E.FLEX 21 Portable Solar Panel | Renogy Solar

Also, here’s our review of some of Renogy’s portable products:

And, we can get you a discount on your order if you use this link: solar power kits & equipment for sale & solar panel for sale | Renogy
AND code: FreedomInACan5

Let us know if you have any further questions! Happy solar charging.

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Always bring my phone. It’s very useful as a backup for just about every tool, including compass, map, flashlight, camera… I feel safer with it.

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Always! Pretty good about disconnecting from the normal distractions that come with it but feel it’s a necessity.

I used to scoff, but now I always carry mine. It’s my camera, my Kindle, a back-up flashlight, a back-up compass, I use the USGS 7.5 maps on the Avenza app (I carry paper maps, but using my phone means I won’t have to stop & get the map out), and when on the PCT I use both the Guthook & Halfmile apps. I tend to get insomnia, even when hiking, and I have apps on my phone that have things I can listen to that help me fall asleep. I carry a Garmin InReach for The Hubs’ peace of mind (I’m pretty much always out there alone), and it’s easier to draft messages on my phone than it is to tap them out on the InReach.

I feel its irresponsible if you don’t bring one nowadays
God forbid something happens and you need assistance or a rescue team needs to ping your phone to find you…it could save your life

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I do bring mine. I have my camera too but sometimes I just like to use my phone for taking pictures. It doesn’t work well for calling in many places we camp but I do always have it.

Like many people, I bring mine as my camera. But I started bringing my phone mostly so it wasn’t sitting in my car at the trailhead lol

I always bring iridium go with me as it combines with my smartphone easily and the renting prices are also fair it cost me $84 to $85 per week from satmodo