I'm hiking the Wonderland Trail next weekend

We’re doing it in 4 days, which means about 23 miles a day and 6k vertical gain. Excited for the sufferfest :slight_smile:

Anyone else hiked the Wonderland Trail before? Anything that I should expect?

Lucky you. It was one of the best hikes ever. We did it in about a week. It is a workout because you are walking around the mountain going from river valley to ridge everyday. Each side of the mountain has a different climate and vegetation. So one area with alpine meadows and another like a rain forest. It may be late for some flowers but you will have a great time.! This picture was taken in August near Paradise.IMG_5803|690x387

Awesome! Sounds like a longer/more dramatic version of The Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood- which I did earlier this summer.

Back! 4 days of pure perfection. Hiked with two of my friends from the PCT, so we just got to act like we were on the PCT again :slight_smile:

  • Day 1: 21 miles, 8k vertical gain
  • Day 2: 22 Miles, 7k gain
  • Day 3: 29 miles, 8k vertical gain
  • Day 4: 18 miles, 2k vertical gain

Here’s a small percentage of the photos I took: