Im a poor bicycle camper looking for a new invention for heating coffee water

Im looking to heat a cup full of water without starting a fire? Preferably a small USB powered device. WHat im looking for may not be invented yet, or if it has, its so new I cant find it. ILL Be riding across america for my final trip on bicycle(very poor) and dont want the hassle of using my mini stove just for making a cup of coffee when I wake. IF anyone knows what im looking for,please let me know?

There are a TON on Amazon but generally with poor reviews. Seems like extra weight for a poor product :confused:

There is a company that The Dyrt uses as a contest sponsor that has perfected the art of an instant type coffee that works in hot OR cold water. Amazing reviews. It doesn’t solve the issue of a “hot cup of coffee”, but if your hot water issue was simply beccause 99% of coffee needs hot water to make it with, you might give Cusa Coffee a try.

Yeah, nothing on amazon does this, Been searching for months. They ALL require power via a plug, when im in the woods or side of highways, I have power banks, nothing else. AS I said, what im looking for hasnt been invented yet, or if it has, ive never seen one.

I’ve crossed the country a couple times on my bicycle. So much fun! I brought a jetboil to heat water. It was good for coffee, oatmeal and rehydrating meals (Knor side dishes with a can of beans…) I just heated water in it so the fuel lasted quite some time. I saw another system that uses twigs but I can’t remember the name. I agree with Legend Amy in enjoying Cusa products too.

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Hey…I know that one! It’s a Biolite camp stove. Way back when I tested one/bought one. They are huge and heavy. Love the concept, but not at all practical based on size and weight.

That’s the one I was thinking of but here are some without the electric generator. I just googled it and they’re called stick stoves (I looked at the site). I can’t vouch for any but I know I’ve seen some used before.

Yes! I did own one similar one time and while I loved the idea (sticks and pinecones all around!) it was very hard to keep going for long enough and hot enough to do what I needed to do…boil water. My favorite is my alcohol stove, but still requires fuel.

The reason no one has invented what you want is that it takes a LOT of power to heat a cup of water for coffee. Specifically approximately 20 Whr of energy. To put it onto perspective, the typical high power USB port puts out 5V at 2.1 A (10.5 watts). If this were used to heat a cup of water it would take 2 hrs! Stove fuel contains an incredible amount of energy, which is why we use portable stoves to heat our coffee.

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never heard of a jetboil… what exactly is it?

Solo Stove lite is $70. It boils water in less than 10 minutes with twigs for fuel. It’s very lightweight and easily packed.

Jetboil is great (faster and easier), but it’s more expensive and also requires its own propane canisters—more $$$.

Jetboil is a brand name for a stove system, heats water very quickly. Downside will be cost and weight. I have the flash, but try have smaller versions available.Jetboil

ah ok, I already have a mini stove, works on trigs and such, was trying to avoid starting a fire to make a morning cup of hot coffee… Maybe some genius will invent what I need before my final trip…

It exists. But it isn’t cheap. So if you’re a poor biker, it most likely won’t work for you.

It’s called a Cauldryn Fyre:

I have the first version and it heats water just fine. But honestly, it’s heavy af if you want to carry it on a bike.

I don’t view using a stove as starting a fire…but I have a MSR pocket rocket that also works great to make hot water in the morning.

This seems EXACTLY what im looking for. And for what it does, its NOT that expensive. Having HOT coffee in the morning without starting a fire is just as important to me as eating… I dont mind the weight because my bicycle carries it all, and I have 6 pannier bags… THIS is what I had in mind thank you…


Jetboil is the way to go. Fairly light, heats water in a few minutes. Fuel cannisters last a long time if all you’re doing is boiling water. They also have a coffee attachment if you want to make french press in your Jetboil.


I would be tempted to use MRE heaters instead, then you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of power. You would just need to plan how much coffee you will be making so you bring enough of them.

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only problem with jetboil with that is Buying fuel cannisters. POwer is free when you find it(coffee shops, libraries, etc…)WHen I travel, Ill be dirt poor,just my bike, my pannier bags, my clothing, survival equipment and laptop…

I am a AT thru hiker. This solution does involve fire but it is tiny. I recommend ESBIT. Each cube weighs just a couple ounces and can boil 2 cups of water. Very small 1"x1" so you can carry alot of them. Very easy to ignite and very quick.

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How many days will you be out? Once the battery dies, you’re just carrying around a brick.

You mentioned the hassle of lighting a stove just to make coffee…the Jetboil is less than half the weight and takes next to no time to heat water. It’s not the same as feeding twigs to a fire. Just my 2¢.