If you currently own an RV, what were the "must haves" you thought you needed, but now know you can live without (saving money and possible shifting to a smaller rig?)

I own a teardrop, but I’m curious about those of you that currently own larger rigs, thinking you needed certain features as creature comforts, but having used the rigs for a while, realize you could “simplify” and “live smaller”, potentially saving money and maybe downsize? This is purely a curiosity thing as I try to simplify my life a bit. Thanks and happy camping!

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RVs are like golf clubs; there’s no one perfect club for every situation. For us, we like to stay active and be on the move, so a Class B “van conversion” works well for us. We have a bath, heat, AC, kitchen, shower, microwave, TV, generator, etc., so we have everything the big rigs do, just in a more cozy (some would say cramped) footprint. We have the ability to “boondock” in comfort, and the mobility to use it as a daily driver. Ours is based on the Chevy Express 3500 van, so we also have the ability to tow our horse trailer (and we also have a Labrador & Border Collie). We’ve been using this rig since 2008, and it works well for us. There are times we think about upgrading, but haven’t come across anything that checks all the boxes. Good luck trying to decide! PS: RV show season is coming up, so visit a few shows and see if anything tickles your fancy!