Humming From TT indoor speakers

We have a 2021 Jayco Jay Flight 294QBS. We’ve had it for just over a month. Our first 2 trips, we didn’t have any issues. Our third trip, a hum started coming from the indoor speakers anytime our iRV radio is on. It makes the humming noise in all modes (not just BT).

I was thinking it is likely a ground but I’m unsure of where the ground for the radio is and the owners manual has been less than helpful.

Any other Jayco owners have this issue and no where the radio ground is?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Can’t help with location of the ground, but did anything else change in the third trip? Could you have different devices plugged in or operating that could be causing interference? -Ari

No. Nothing new was plugged in our changed that we are aware of. We started a movie for the boys and it wasn’t there and then suddenly it was and hasn’t gone away.

We have a 2021 Rpod and had the same problem. If it’s in all your speakers then you didn’t blow a single speaker, but if it’s in only one then it’s blown and humming. We checked everything and couldn’t find it but after we turned the inverter switch off I noticed it stopped. Maybe someone turned your inverter on… ours is in the bedroom on the wall.