How to choose a beginner yoga mat

For beginners, learning yoga is not only to master the essentials of yoga, but also to have a suitable yoga mat . So how should a beginner choose a yoga mat?

Choose the right yoga mat. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of NBR yoga mat , TPE yoga mat, rubber yoga mat, PU rubber yoga mat and PVC yoga mats.

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  1. The length and width of the yoga mat. When practicing yoga, we will need to have some lying positions or relatively large movements. If the yoga mat is too small, it is definitely not conducive to our exercises. The length of the yoga mat should generally be equal to the height, not too short; the width cannot be narrower than your own shoulder width.

  2. The thickness of the yoga mat. For beginners, the thickness of the yoga mat should not be too thin, but it should not be too thick, which will affect our practice. Generally speaking, the thickness of the yoga mat for beginners is 6 mm.

  3. The surface of the yoga mat should be flat. When buying a yoga mat, lay it flat and observe the surface condition. If you find unevenness, it is not suitable to buy.

  4. The flexibility of the yoga mat. Squeeze the yoga mat with your hands. If it is easy to squeeze it together, it means that the yoga mat is too soft, and even if you buy it thick, it will still cause pain. Of course, too hard will not work. So be sure to choose a yoga mat with good elasticity and moderate hardness.

  5. Slip resistance. Press the surface of the yoga mat with the palm of your hand and push it forward. If the mat slides on the ground or the hand slides on the mat, it proves that the mat has poor slip resistance and is not suitable for purchase.

  6. Severity. Sometimes yoga mats need to be carried with you. If you buy a heavy mat, it will naturally burden your own home. If it is only used at home, there is no need to consider this.

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