How much weight are you carrying in your trailer?

Not like your total weight, but the weight of your supplies, clothes, tools, toys, and whatever else you’re bringing along. I’m really curious if we’re all bringing like 500 pounds of stuff without realizing how heavy it is.

It adds up quickly. We sold our truck camper earlier this year (we’re purchasing an A-frame trailer). In the 25 years we’ve had RVs, it’s the first time we sold our old one before getting the next one so we always just moved stuff over.

This time, we actually unloaded the stuff and had to come to grips with how much we’d accumulated over the years. We’ve gone through all of it and a lot won’t be going in the new RV. I’m estimating we had over 500 lbs of stuff permanently stored in the camper and have cut that down closer to 300 now.

We really don’t carry much in the camper. Clothes for 2 (each of us could put all our clothes in a airline carry on size container). So maybe 30 lbs there. Kitchen stuff to include food is probably 60 lbs. 2 phones, 2 IPads, That’s about it. We do have a pick-up and heavy stuff goes there. 2 bike, 3 camp chairs, small grill, screen house. I’d guess total would be around 300 to 400.