How long can cheese sit out?

i’m thinking of bring a block of cheddar on a 5 day trek. You think it will last that long without refrigeration? How long can cheese sit out?

Cheese can typically sit out at room temperature anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the type, and remain safe to eat.


I’ll bring cheese on 4-5 day trips in an air tight bag and have never had any problems with it going bad.


Cheese… Depends on the cheese! Hard cheese lasts longer because off less fat. Baby Belle is pretty good for a few days because it’s wax sealed.

This article says 4-8 hours but it only says that the cheese will. “go downhill in appearance” after 8 hours. I’ve eaten cheddar cheese after a few days in the woods and I’m still standing!

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We carry cheese into the backcountry for long wilderness expeditions (professional and personal) all the time. Typically, we resupply our fresh foods in 7-10 days so cheese will generally last us that timeframe without any trouble. Hard cheeses do hold up longer and here’s a hot tip: don’t touch it. If you are going to only take a partial block, avoid touching it at home when you cut/portion it. Also, when you take it out in the backcountry to cut, use the bag or wrapper as a barrier between your fingers and the cheese. Oils from the skin will cause the cheese to mold faster and increase the speed at which it goes “downhill.” Obviously, do what feels safe for you but I’ve never gotten ill from eating cheese in the backcountry :slight_smile:

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