How is the coronavirus outbreak affecting your future travel plans?

just wondering as things get worse. Anyone still planning on going on any large trips soon even though many places are closed?

We are suppose to head to Estes Park in July but not sure yet. We still are planning right now

We had originally planned to stay here at the RV park we’re at right now until May 9th. Due to the need to have better Internet, we are going to have to move to an RV park with better wifi and/or better cel phone reception. We are lucky that we did not have to scramble in mid-March when things started shutting down, but the lack of cel phone reception and the poor RV park wifi mean that we can’t do things that make us money to keep us on the road (we’re full-time RVers who work on the road).

We had originally planned to go to North Carolina in April and had to cancel due to COVID. Our first State park in reservation in Ohio got cancelled also but we are now looking forward to our first trip of the year at the end of this month!

I’ve always been a campground person, but am branching out to dispersed camping as that looks to be an option before campgrounds for the time being.
I have reservations at Indian Boundary in July, that are uncertain. It was to be a camping trip for my niece and nephew, their Christmas Gift of Adventure from their Aunt Vickie. Time will tell.

We had to cancel our long planned and long awaited 6 week trip to Alaska. At the point, we don’t know when we will get to take the trip and camp with our son, daughter in law and granddaughter. We will hope to do it next year.

We are staying home this summer, but luckily home backs up to National forest land, so it’s not the worst location and we have plenty to keep us busy.

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I definitely have altered plans from what I thought I would be doing this year in way of travel. However when looking carefully at the openings and availability around I have found a lot of places to still enjoy within different states. I love that many states are working toward opening their outdoor spaces. While many private sites are increasing their cleaning of public or shared spaces, some state parks are still struggling to keep up with the required needs. Definitely requires some creative research but there are a lot of options!!

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We have reservations for the end of the month. We chose a big campground in the National forest with lots of space between sites, plus we can bring everything we need in our 5th wheel for 5 nights. Only 159 miles from home too. Looking forward to some hiking and fishing.

Still cancelled our Alaska trip for the second year in a row. We will try again next year.

At least we will get a trip in this summer.

We had a 3.5 month trip planned that we would be in the last month of as I write this. One by one, we saw each of our reservations get canceled but fortunately all with full refunds. At this point, we are hoping to do the same trip next year. Might go for an overnight in later summer or early autumn and then maybe a week or two. Far cry from 3.5 months but we are trying to be vigilant and patient.

Our family reunion camping trip was cancelled (for good reason, huge group with a large range of ages). We’re actually booking more trips coming up so we can isolate away from people.

Our mycology events/camping trips to the Montreal, Quebec CN area for September and the same for the Ozarks in October were cancelled (not to mention the ones we had planned to attend and camp nearby for the summer). We’ve decided to head to the Pine Barrens in NJ in September (hopefully camping will be open by then) but have no other solid plans yet.