How do you financially support your lifestyle

it seems like vanlifers all have online businesses, but that might just be cause i follow too many people on instagram. How do y’all afford it?

No online business here I’d love to start one when I figure out my niche. We just saved and saved and saved skip the eating out eat ramen noodles. I had three jobs at one point because if you have no time you can’t spend money. Once we knew we could survive about 6 months we scoured the internet for a job. CLM hired us although we got there and realized it wasn’t really the job we wanted (dont expect everything to work out… it won’t) but there are workamping jobs everywhere

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I work at The Dyrt! We are remote for the forseeable future, so I bought a van and am working on the road.


Early retirement here, which is approx. 60% of my previous income. Sold or gave away everything that didn’t fit into the van. So, no mortgage, will travel. :slight_smile: Hopefully my vanlifestyle doesn’t exceed the 60%. :slightly_smiling_face: If it does, I’ll find a side hustle. :smirk:


Trading Crypto and NFT’s! Got into the NFT game early and have already made crazy yields. Highly suggested for anyone who wants to get in early now!

I know this is late im sorry!
I have been living van life since 2013 (retired at 18 ayyyeee)
The major way I keep funds is through a company called people ready. If you’re in the states they have an app called jobsack. You pick up work you want in the area you want to be. You can also work just a single day. Just be sure to contact the local office and fill out tax paperwork for each state you work in…
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the posting this reply.