How can I help someone who lives in their vehicle?

Since I occasionally see people on FB, Quora, Reddit, etc. asking how they can help the “homeless” people who are living in their cars, minivans, or even campervans, I decided to write an article about ways that people wanting to help can actually help. I’d appreciate your feedback on it! Anything I’ve missed or could expand on or change?

How can I help someone who lives in their vehicle?

You may have noticed someone sleeping in a car or van and asked yourself, how can I help? You’ll be glad to learn that there are many great ways you can assist! Please note that nomads are in a wide variety of living situations: some may not need or want any help, some may be in desperate need, and most are somewhere in between. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and desire to help!

Does this person need help? It might be easy to tell that they don’t need help if they are driving a $200,000 luxury campervan, but even those living in a small car or minivan may very well be living that way by choice. Why would anyone live in a van? Some like the freedom of the road, not being tied to any particular place. Some want to live as frugally or minimally as possible. Some may just be in a temporary situation, such as traveling through the area and not wanting to spend money on hotels when they’re comfortable enough in their vehicle.

Involuntary nomads, on the other hand, are not living in their vehicle by choice. They may have lost their home for financial reasons, or fled their home due to domestic/relationship issues or even to escape abuse. They would love to have a conventional home but cannot. Involuntary nomads may be houseless/homeless and need help.

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