Hocking hills state park reccomendations

looking on google, I see a ton of inns and high density campgrounds surrounding hocking hills. Anyone have reccomendations where I can visit the park during the day, but get away from crowds at night?

There are many state parks within a 30-minute drive from Hocking Hills. Lake Hope is a gem, and not as crowded as Hocking Hills. You can also hike in to camp in Zalenski forest within Lake Hope state park. On the other side of route 33 is Burr Oak, another state park, and it has a small drive-in campground away from the main area that looks quieter than the state campground. Also look at Stroud’s Run in Athens (no running water, though).

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I’ve stayed in Tar Hollow State Park on the Northridge and was very happy. It’s a small loop away from the main part of the campground (pit toilets instead of flushing ones in the main loops). It’s tent only though in that section.

I have a FB friend hat takes her horses and dogs there when open, after a stop in the Panhandle of Florida at a Trail Ranch RV park, I will try to camp there… She goes to the State Parks too. Hueston Woods comes to mind.

I agree with Megan regarding Lake Hope State Park. The drive to Hocking Trails is not bad and mostly scenic. There is a fraction of the people and much more solitude at your sites. The park is large with lots of room to move around.

I would not stay at hocking hills state park campground again (only did 1x). However, I’ve stayed at Lake Hope State Park numerous times and it’s almost always nearly empty. It’s close enough to all the sites, has s nice paddling lake, gravel roads out the back for biking, great trails, neat history and a swimming area.

There are quite a few camping options in Hocking Hills, and the State Park campground right near the Caves is pretty good. There are 2 new campgrounds near Lake Logan that are pretty popular all spring and summer with mingling and meet-greets. Not ideal if you want to avoid crowds though. Definitely hike Old Man’s Cave - it’s wild!