Hammock Tent Sites

Just met a friend who specializes in hammocks, but also complains at the lack of good spots for hammock camping - i.e. finding the perfect spacing of three trees to try out some of the new, technical (Tentsile, etc.) options. You guys know of any good locations? Or workarounds?

I’ve actually been thinking about that quite a bit. I’m an Assistant Scout Master in my son’s troop and more than half of the boys hammock. I was envisioning using PVC pipe to create a sort of overhead “L” that attached to the tree. I’m not sure what size PVC I would have to use to keep it from flexing too much. That would also give you a hard ridgeline for a canopy cover.

Obviously something you could use for “front country” camping, but not backpacking.

If you’re car camping, you can always buy a hammock stand - then you can set up anywhere :slight_smile:

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Love it - on my patio too! Know of any good brands?

If you have an IKEA near you they have a hammock stand for $70, but it’s designed for their hammocks, however, it seems to be about the right size for singles. Double hammock would be too long to work.

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