GoodSam Roadside unassitance

We had a small mishap with our TT this week and needed to get some help. We are members of GoodSam and their road side assistance and when we called for help they couldn’t find us. I found us right there on the website but they were unhelpful at best. They extorted a payment to get help to us which we needed so we paid but now it is nearly impossible to get a hold of anyone to get this straightened out. Has anyone ever dealt with them and had any success?

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We have AAA, and havnt had to use it knock on wood. Ive heard some negative things about GoodSam before. Sorry you had that expierence!

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I also have AAA, and have no complaints. Got towed once and it was a painless process.

Maybe consider making the switch @Robert :slight_smile:

I agree with the others. AAA. We end up using it a couple of times of year (we have several vehicles and some are older- 1931 Ford Model A, 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser, and a couple of modern vehicles).

We’ve had some mixed results with Good Sam but generally positive overall. For all the roadside assistance companies, you’re at the mercy of your location and the local providers who are contracted with the various services.