Gone Squatching

Hi there! I’m a squatcher (a person in search of sasquatch) from Montana, and I need some advice.

I’m fairly new to the squatching community, and have had no success. I thought we had a hawk wing at a gifting site, but it was just a camp robber stealing our bait on a trail camera.

So how do you set up a successful bait site? Or is there a better way to find some picture evidence of bigfoot?

Also, does anybody out there have experience with sasquatch? Don’t worry about me calling you crazy. I’m called crazy plenty (I mean, I’m bigfoot crazy), so I have absolutely no intention of doing so to you. That would be super hypocritical.

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I am not a squatcher, but I did just listen to a Science Vs. podcast about it. You might find that interesting!

Listen to Bigfoot and Beyond with cliff and Bobo from finding Bigfoot. Several people will use bait sights with apples or peanut butter but be careful when doing this…grizzlies like apples and peanut butter too. Try to choose a site where the soil will collect an impression and learn to plaster cast tracks.